Monday, January 14, 2008


by ed Bruce

Actual billing on the South Point marque .....Bill Medley.....Paul Revere and the Raiders.

For me Paul Revere is second billing to no is the story.

June 1985 while Siegfried and Roy were on their monthly vacation at the late Frontier, The Righteous Brothers filled the showroom, I began my quest to see every act ever in Las Vegas !
Paul Revere and the Raiders were the opening act, 45 minutes and I fell in love forever. I said to Janet I don't know how good the Righteous Brothers are going to be but not as good as Paul. Righteous Brothers were great and I have been a fan of both to the nth degree ever since. Seen both groups many times since...always top of the line. How can you beat Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley singing Unchained Melody and You Lost That Lovin Feelin ?

Fast forward to 2003... Bobby Hatfield unlike John Lennon makes a choice to leave us...oldest rocker to ever OD at more Righteous Brothers. The two groups have been lifelong friends and remain so today.

Now again Paul Revere is the opening act for Righteous is not the same !
Paul did 31 too quick minutes and remains at the peak of his powers at 70 with the boyish exuberance and constant line of bullshit I have loved for a lifetime. I wanted more.

The marriage already in effect with Bill Medley's son Darren now the lead singer for the Raiders, he is wonderful and a great addition to entertainment and the world.

After Paul's 31 too short minutes, a nine minute video (good) appears while the Raider band exits their hall of fame uniforms to don black uniforms to backup Bill Medley...I have liked the Raider band forever, this just seemed different (beginning of the end as Churchill said) ....Righteous Brothers original band was an entity in itself. Bill Medley did 64 minutes, lots with son Darren and daughter McKenna (good). It was not the same and I wanted to be. Bill Medley was not at the peak of his powers and I wanted so much for him to be so....not the same without Bobby (Bobby's choice) and with the approaching loss of the instrument!

This was not a bad show but could not live up to its past brilliance and what I want it to be. I am living in yesterday and this event is living in tomorrow with three more dates at the South Point this year. Still first class entertainement (audio thru out needs work) 3 soldout nights, I am happy for everybody but me. 91 A- See you again.

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